I’m a Computer Science Graduate turned Blogger.

I have a profound love for reading non-fiction books and sharing insights from them.

In the last 3–4 years, I’ve read over 300 books in a row. (And still continue…)

My mission is to empower, educate, and enlighten every person on this earth with true wisdom.

More than 500k people have consumed my content so far across various social channels and websites I created.

Besides this, I like to play guitar in my bedroom.

I’m also on my way to develop a healthy writing routine to improve my writing skills.

What you’ll learn from this blog?

Here, I let my ideas flourish and connect the dots.

This blog is my way of documenting every quality thought that passes my head.

You’ll find more insights and a glimpse of my unorganized thoughts, which will help you organize your thoughts.

Mainly, I’ll be writing about:

  • Business (Marketing, Online Business, Writing, etc.)
  • Personal Growth (Life lessons, Inspiration, Mindset, Productivity, etc.)
  • Or anything exciting I learn from books or experiences.

I’m planning to publish short-form articles here.

My vision might change over time, though.

Nevertheless, I’ll make sure that you get a lot of value.

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