Shami Manohar

I’m a professional blogger and writer. I also own the website named WizBuskOut, where I share book summaries and self-improvement related articles.

Why did I create this website/blog?

Well, the reason isn’t hard to understand.

Reading a lot of books and writing their summaries helps a lot. But I realized that by writing only book summaries, I was limiting my ideas to the context of the books.

I’m also on my way to develop a healthy writing routine to improve my writing skills.

What you’ll learn from this blog?

Here, I let my ideas flourish and connect the dots. This blog is my way of documenting every thought that passes by my head.

You’ll find more insights and a glimpse of my unorganized thoughts, which will help you organize your thoughts.

Mainly, I’ll be writing about:

  • Business (Marketing, Solopreneurship, Writing, etc.)
  • Personal Growth (Life lessons, Inspiration, Mindset, Productivity, etc.)

I’m planning to publish short-form articles here, unlike my book summary website.

My vision will change over time. Nevertheless, I’ll make sure that you get a lot of value.