“Freedom” is Not What We Think It is

We all want to be free deep down.

But most people confuse this and don’t realize that what they call “freedom” never gives them freedom. Most of the time, their actions are anti-freedom.

People chase pleasure, hoping they will get joy and freedom. But eventually end up with more problems.

So what exactly is freedom?

People want freedom because they want to be free. They want freedom to do anything.

And anything we do is guided by our desire for pleasure.

We chase cheap pleasures, hoping that it will give us freedom from our problems.

Most people think that wasting their lives will lead them to freedom. But it never does.

The reality is different.

To become free, you must learn to take responsibility of your life and learn how to solve your problems.

Problem-solving is usually boring and doesn’t give pleasure.

To solve your problems and become free, you must know how to delay pleasure.

You must develop the ability to sacrifice quick pleasure for long term pleasure.

The highest pleasure in the world is freedom. And freedom leads to joy.

Can you see the connection?

Can you see why most people will never be free?

If you can see this in your daily life, you will notice self-destructive behaviors that we all tend to engage in.

Think about this before you go to sleep at night and analyze your day.

How many times did you waste your time and do unproductive things?

We all know when we are wasting our time, we just avoid accepting it.

Acceptance is painful. So we avoid it.

What freedom is not?

Freedom is not chasing whatever our mind tells us to.

That’s because we don’t know what is good for us. So we want things that other people make us want. Or whatever we feel or think we should want.

You become free by gaining wisdom, by becoming more aware, and doing the right things.

Blindly chasing pleasure blocks our freedom in the long term.

We must seek the freedom to do the right things instead of freedom to do whatever we want.