How “Fundamental Attribution Error” Can Lead You To Make Wrong Decisions

Today, I’ll discuss “Fundamental Attribution Error.”

We tend to overestimate how much our personality traits affect our actions. And at the same time, we underestimate how much external situations have control over our actions.

For example, when a company registers growth, people tend to give credit to the leaders in the company.

And they ignore the all the external factors that might have impacted the company’s growth.

The same applies to any nation’s growth. We like to give credit to a few select people, the country does well in any area of development.

In reality, there are so many external situations that influence our actions. We tend to think we are in control all the time, but it isn’t always the case.

FAE is a cognitive bias.

It happens because we make incorrect assumptions about why a person does a particular action.

For instance, if a person is angry, it isn’t always their personality trait. Maybe that person had a very bad day.

So anything is possible, and there are always hidden variables that we often don’t consider while drawing conclusions about people and situations.