Stop chasing Motivation. Chase Obstacles instead.

Not feeling motivated? Read this.

Today, I’ll talk about a problem that most gurus never tell you.

Most people are chasing motivation today instead of obstacles.

All humans want to feel good. So we constantly chase things that make us feel good.

We want to feel good. And there is nothing wrong in it.

But here is the problem: Life has no plans to keep us happy all the time.

In reality, we all are destined to face the rollercoaster of all sorts of emotions.

The reason many people today are depressed is that they are constantly seeking the happy feelings. They try too hard to avoid sad feelings.

The correct way is to neither chase happy feelings, nor chase sad feelings. (based on Buddhism philosophy)

In fact, it’s more likely that you will feel better if you chase obstacles instead of comfort. (based on Stoic philosophy)

Most gurus want you to keep chasing “motivation” because it makes you feel good. And when you are chasing these good feelings, you will reach a point where those feelings will get dull, and you will start feeling bad about it. And that’s where they will make money by selling you more motivational BS.

Do you see how they are playing with your mind?

Most of the motivation you find on the internet is nothing, but a marketing gimmick.

That’s not the right way to grow in life.

If you are needing motivation all the time to work, you lack values in your life.

I’m always motivated and never feel the need to consume any motivational content on the internet. That’s because I know what I’m doing. It’s the clarity that matters the most.

I want you guys to think about this and ask yourself, “Do I really need motivation, or am I just too lazy to get off my couch and do the hard sh*t?”

Most likely that you don’t lack motivation. You lack obstacles.

You need obstacles that don’t give you time to think about “motivation.”

Chase Clarity. Have Values. Not Motivation.

Motivation should not be your oxygen.

Normalize adversities in your life.