Are Your desires really yours?


Such a simple word, isn’t it?

But most of our lives are decided by how we deal with them.

The interesting thing is: Not all of our desires are our own.

Marketing guys can relate to this. 🙃

Desires can be planted like a seed.

There seems no ending to our desires.

If you study about it, you will find there are only two ways you can deal with them:

Method #1: Fulfill them. Buy expensive products that have high emotional appeal.

Method #2: Understand them and see what they really are. And let them dissolve.

The first method is a wheel of suffering, the harder you run, the more you have to struggle. Maybe you will get temporary pleasure, but that’s really it. You won’t be fully satisfied.

The second method is not so exciting, or is it?

Nobody really talks about it.

The question is: Do all of us know which desires are originally ours?

Do we ever question our own desires? Are our desires coming from a place of understanding? What if we are all chasing something that we didn’t decide in the first place?