Do something just for the sake of doing it.

When was the last time you did something just for the sake of doing it?

The first thought that would come to your mind will be:

“I already watch Netflix/Movies/TV Serials/Anime for the sake of it.”


I’m not talking about those passive activities that you do for pleasure when you are distracted.

Most of us are guilty or conditioned of evaluating every task based on its outcome.

Think about a guitarist or a musician who is completely in the flow and connected with his audience while performing.

The thing is:

When we are worried about the outcomes, we lose playfulness and limit ourselves from having true fun.

When you are truly in the zone, time flies by quickly and you don’t even realize it.

For me, it’s reading books and playing my acoustic guitar.

Doing something for the sake of doing it might also help improve your mental and physical health.

It’s also connected to our happiness.

Plus, it’s much better than sitting in front of our mobile phones or TV Screens, which are not only bad for our health but totally meaningless sometimes.


Here are some statistics…

An average adult spends around at least 4-5 hours on his phone. That’s around 60 days a year.

And I’m sure this number is even bigger these days.

When you are spending most of your time on your mobile phone, you are inviting loneliness into your life without realizing it.

Again, loneliness might lead to depression.

If you read the book Ikigai, you will find that people who lived the longest had strong relationships and were fully engaged with their work.

The question is:

What do you do in your free time? What is TRUE FUN to you?