Why Be Wikipedia? Be Google Instead.

The Giant Search Engine_ Google

When a lot of people are busy making themselves Wikipedia, I’m trying to become Google. As you already know, Wikipedia has millions of pages ― each page covering a topic out of gazillion of issues possible. But when you face a problem in your life, which one do you go to? Most people prefer to go to Google, instead of Wikipedia. … Read More

Is the internet making us smarter or dumber?

user using a mobile with internet

The Internet has brought a revolution to the world. It instantly gives you access to the treasure of knowledge. If you’ve got a problem, there are a gazillion blogs out there waiting for you with a solution. The question is: Are those blogs and Wikipedia pages making you smarter or dumber? I agree they are helpful. But do you feel … Read More

Your paradigm is a twisted reality


If the headline didn’t spin your head, you’re sleeping right now! Okay sorry for that. For those who don’t know what paradigm is: “A world view underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject.” Google Dictionary Focus on the first part of the definition: “a worldview underlying theories.” Everyone has a different worldview. Or put it another way. … Read More

Optimism Vs Pessimism: Which one should you choose?

Optimism Or Pessimism

If you think that the glass is half full, you’re an optimist. Conversely, if you believe that the glass is half empty, you’re a pessimist. It’s good to have optimism. And if you don’t have it, the self-help world would say that there is something wrong with you. But really? Is this true? I don’t think so. Can you avoid … Read More

Be directionless to find a direction

multiple directions

Everybody in this world is looking for one thing: right direction. Consciously or subconsciously, people want to find a path, walking on which they could achieve glory. Nobody in the right mind wants to be directionless. Now glory could be in any form. To some, glory is having a lot of money. While to others, glory means having fame and … Read More