Thinking is Also an Action

A person reading a book might look inactive, but a lot of action happens within.

It’s just not visible to human eyes.

Our eyes can only see physical movements.

It takes thought to understand thought. 🤷

My mom often says, “You don’t do anything other than sitting and reading books.” 😅

But if you ask me…

My mind is doing push-ups and lifting weights 🏋️‍♀️when I’m reading a book.

It’s just invisible. 👀

I may not have six packs.

But being a full-time thinker and reader, I’m building strong mental muscles that nobody can see.

Long story short:

Thinking is also an action.

Physical actions aren’t the only actions.

One isn’t lazy💤 if he decides to read a book instead of going to a party.😑

Whatever thoughts you might have, they might manifest as actions if they stick long enough.

✨Read just 10 minutes a day. Anything. 📖

Do it for one year daily.

Soon, you’ll find a shift in your mental models. 💪